About us
About us
About us

Hi-Food USA is the North American sister company of HIFOOD, firm founded in 2012 in Parma, Italy, and today part of Europe-based CSM Group together with CSM Ingredients


We bring innovation, better nutrition, improved sustainability and efficiency to the American food industry by researching and developing added valued food ingredients.


HIFOOD solutions – all of natural origin – have been designed specifically to address the most pressing needs and requests of today’s consumers: better-for-you foods, longer shelf-life, alt-meat and alt-fish, gluten-free, allergen-free, additive-free.

We are part of an Ingredient-Tech Platform

Together with CSM Ingredients, Italcanditi, Comprital and Rubicone, HIFOOD is part of an Ingredient-Tech Platform which aim is to be Net Positive enabling Taste and Nutrition for a New World.

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